Arne Rabuchin

Arne was born in Sweden during the Second World War to Danish parents, and therefore he is recognized as a Holocaust survivor.  He lived in Denmark for 40 years, studied in Copenhagen Business School where he received a degree in Finance and Economics. He came to live in Israel in 1984.     

On arriving in Israel he worked in the airline business in traffic accounting.  From 1993-2014 he was Chief Financial Officer in the Multinational Force and observers (MFO) .

Arne retired in 2014 and is now devoting his time to many social and cultural activities. He is the Chairman of Danish Friends in Israel.  He does voluntary work mainly in the financial field for ESRA and the HOB (British Olim Society). He is a member of the European Executive board in Maccabi World Union, and also looka after his grandchildren.  Arne enjoys reading books and magazines especially about airline business.  He lives in Kfar Saba with his wife Nydia.


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