Aviva Zuller

Aviva Zuller is responsible for donor relations and English speakers outreach at IUED/Adam Teva V’Din since 2010. She has 15 years of professional experience working in non-for-profit management and fund raising with special emphasis in the area of environmental protection, having served as program director for the NY/NJ Baykeeper (the premier environmental watch group in the NY/NJ harbor estuary) for 10 years. It is Aviva’s love for the Land of Israel which motivated her to bring her family to live in Israel from NY to settle in Maale Adumim, in July of 2009. As a new Israeli citizen, she feels it is her responsibility to use her skills and experience to protect and preserve Israel’s precious natural resources for her children and for many generations to come.

Aviva Zuller went into culture shock upon arriving in Israel and discovering that re-cycling here isn’t what she experienced back in the USA. Having being totally involved in a most effective environmental watch group there, this self-proclaimed recycling queen went to work to change things here by helping “Adam Teva V’Din”.

Category: Environment
Issue No. 160
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