Claire Rabin

Professor Claire Rabin is a relationship counselor and head of the Clairerabin Institute for Couples Therapy, which today has 12 marital therapists from all over the country. She founded and remains the director of the Tel Aviv University's School of Social Work three year training program in family and couples therapy. Born in NYC in 1948 Claire made aliyah in 1974. She is married to Yossi and works together with him in marriage education workshops for couples. Her last book is about how to divorce amicably and she has written widely on the topic of equal partnership in marriage and in the process of divorce.

Describes the `inner voices’, (subconscious criticism) that women experience which undermines their self esteem and affects their lives constantly. A very interesting explanation of an obvious difference in the genders.

The Critical Voices of Fruma
Category: People
Issue No. 164

Are people, especially women, too sensitive, afraid to let other people down or disappoint them and then suffer feelings of guilt.. We have to learn to conquer these feelings and not let them rule our lives says Claire Rabin who is a professor of family therapy.

Category: Health
Issue No. 160
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