Cynthia and Raymond Selwyn

Cynthia and Raymond Selwyn came to live in Israel from Leeds, England in 1979. Cynthia was a Junior School Teacher and Raymond ran his own clothing store. They moved to Kfar Yedidiya in September 1980. They worked the farm for 10 years, growing carnations for export to Europe, chickens for meat and had citrus orchards. Cynthia also worked as an English Teacher in Raanana for 12 years, helping with the farm work when extra hands were needed. They ran a fruit and vegetable stall at Ruppin Junction for four years from September 1989. Afterwards Raymond returned to his original profession in marketing - working for 15 years selling Beit Yitzhak food products and as their Export Manager. He is now working part-time for "Jennys"- servicing accounts in Supermarkets and Small Shops. Their favorite kind of holiday is cruising, since they became "hooked" in 2006. They have been members of ESRA since 1980 and Cynthia volunteered in the sewing project in Netanya. Raymond was a volunteer with the Tourist Police in Netanya for many years and is now a volunteer at Yad Sarah in Netanya. Their children and five grandchildren all live on the farm.

Cynthia and Raymon Selwyn question why Marc Chagall's family chose to bury him in a Christian cemetery and Helen Schary Motro provides a possible answer

Why did Chagall choose to be buried in a Christian cemetery?
Category: Arts
Issue No. 173

Qigong is a gentle martial arts theory from the East designed to improve health, increase energy, revive body and mind and a host of other positive elements that lead to harmony between body and spirit.

Category: Health
Issue No. 163
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