Deborah Opolion-Elovic

Deborah is an Attorney at Law, LLC. Originally from New York, she came to live in Israel in 1981 and studied law at Bar Ilan University. She has practiced law in Israel since 1988, and has had extensive experience in real estate, inheritance and contracts. In 2010, Deborah became licensed in the United States (WI), and the US perspective is helpful in handling US/Israeli estate planning and real estate on both sides of the Atlantic. She has an office in Herzliya, Israel and Milwaukee, US and is also available for consultations via Skype. She offers free consultations to new immigrants and those in the US contemplating Aliyah. Deborah can be contacted at,

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Are you contemplating on purchasing a new build apartment? The perfect finish could induce you but take a moment to think things through carefully as there are many people involved in this process and not just you and your builder/interior designer. Take on board that is your entitlement by law to a bank guarantee from the builder for any payment of 7% or more of the price.

Buying New Construction in Israel
Category: Business/Law
Issue No. 165

An explanation of the very different and complex procedure in investing in property in America as compared with Israel.

Real Estate Investment in the US: A Primer
Category: Business/Law
Issue No. 162

Ownership, Furnishings, Repairs, Taxes, Securities, Change of Ownership, Length of Rental are the subjects discussed in this article which is intended as general information and should not be deemed legal advice.

Renting an Apartment in Israel: A Primer
Category: Israel
Issue No. 163
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