Eric Moss

Eric Moss, PhD., is a senior clinical psychologist, who grew up in the United States (West Orange, New Jersey) and has lived his adult life in Israel (Kfar Saba), His writing over the past twenty years has been in three areas: professional psychology, journalism and literary. He has published many human interest stories in newspapers and magazines in Israel (The Jerusalem Post, ESRA Magazine) and the United States (Forward, The Jewish News of New Jersey). His articles are personal, warm and positive and usually contain aspects of psychology. Dr. Moss received his BA from Antioch College and his MA and PhD from New York University. He is married, has four adult, married children, one grandson and a brown Pointer dog.

Eric Moss gives us a glimpse of life in Israel. Business was done with his lawyer while they visited their respective parents in a retirement home; contacting the lawyer by mobile phone to hear loud bangs and was told by the lawyer that he was on reserve duty; visiting a specialist who was an Arab, he wondered how the orthodox Jewish woman in the waiting room would get on with him.

Category: Israel
Issue No. 148

Eric Moss was visiting his family in a remote area of Costa Rica when he suffered a heart attack. His account of the treatment he received and his journey from the jungle to his home in Israel makes very interesting reading.

My Costa Rican Heart Attack
Category: Health
Issue No. 150

Family legends have the propensity to become myths, taking on a life of their own, becoming more colorful or more heroic over time. Eric Moss describes one such event that attained this status in his family in Daniel and the Knapsack: A Family Legend, and the subsequent story it inspired.

Daniel and the Knapsack: A Family Legend - A Review
Category: Literature
Issue No. 163

An in-depth and unique reaction to attending a Holocaust convention held in Israel with Israeli and German second generation victims looking at the future.

Still difficult not to pass judgement
Category: Features
Issue No. 172

Eric Moss, 3rd Prize Winner of ESRA Magazine Literary Competition, unfolds his personal story of how his adopted daughter expressed her wish to meet her biological parents before her wedding day. “Convoy to Sderot,” recounts his family’s journey as they travelled together to that highly emotional meeting and the subsequent celebration of the event.

Category: Israel
Issue No. 154

Every Thursday two friends, who are very different in character, meet in a Tel Aviv coffee house. They chat, they argue, they discuss Israel’s security situation, women. This week when they part, the one follows a prostitute, the other is drawn by the well-known tunes played by a Russian violinist collecting coins.

Category: Towns
Issue No. 160
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