Flori Cohen

Flori Cohen was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She studied at the Shanghai Public School for Girls, then at the British School to Matriculation Level.  Wanting to enter the business world she enrolled at the Pitman's Commercial School for Business in Shanghai. Shanghai, says Flori, was known as the Paris of the East - a wonderful and exciting place to be.  She married Isaiah (Shaya) Cohen in 1951 in Shanghai. That year they left Shanghai for London due to the intolerable situation there because of the Communist takeover.  They remained in London for five years.  In 1956 they immigrated to Israel to join her mother and other members of her family who had already settled there after having left Shanghai in 1953.  Flori has four children, eleven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren - some are in Israel and the others in the States.
Sentimental Journey Home to Shanghai

Sentimental Journey Home to Shanghai

by Flori Cohen

Flori Cohen takes a Sentimental Journey with her family, more ...
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