Hazel Agami

Hazel Agami was born in England in 1920 with a twin sister. She served in the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) for four years during the war 1942-1946, driving an ambulance in Brussels and a three ton truck in England and a 30 cwt truck in Germany after the war.

Hazel came to live in Israel in 1953 as a qualified teacher of English and History. After spending six months studying Hebrew, she taught English in a high school in Rehovot and to students at the Tadmor Hotel School in Herzliya Pituach.

She married an Israeli in1955 and has two children and five grandsons. Her daughter is an artist and her son an aeronautical engineer. Her husband died in 1981, and Hazel lives in Nof Yam near her daughter.

Hazel Agami describes her hairaising experiences driving a Leyland Lynx truck in the World War II Britain during the icy winter of 1943. It was only later that she understood that she had transported sections of Mulberry Harbour, Churchill's solution against all odds, for a floating harbour, to be used for the Second Front.

Category: Diaspora
Issue No. 161

A British Auxiliary Territorial Service girl is assigned to a male unit in Germany soon after WW II to drive a van. Extensive war damage, being in Germany, and watching a German dismiss a picture of Belsen as propaganda not unexpectedly caused her discomfort.

Driving in Europe with the ATS 1945/1946
Category: Features
Issue No. 167

Hazel Agami describes her visit to Newfoundland. It is a large island and a mecca for nature lovers. One can see moose, beavers, caribou, foxes; some of the world’s largest bird colonies with owls, eagles, puffins and kittiwakes; whales from the land or from the water. The islanders are very hospitable and there is excellent B&B accommodation in the many small communities scattered around the island

Category: Travel
Issue No. 162
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