Heather Gelb

Heather Gelb is an aspiring writer, poet, tap dancer, banjo player, holistic nutritionist and long distance runner who is raising her five children among the Judean hills in a house that her husband built.  She is currently working on her memoir describing her spiritual journey from working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda, Africa  to raising a Jewish family in Israel.

An inspired decision to buy a horse for their daughter’s batmitzvah present has given this young girl a new zest for life and study, a sense of responsibility as well as a superb connection with her horse, Cabernet.

Why I bought my daughter a horse
Category: Features
Issue No. 170

What’s a nice Jewish girl doing in place like this..far off Rwanda? Heather Gelb writes a compelling tale as an American Peace Corps Volunteer in “Detour Through Rwanda. ” Her Jewish tradition empowered her, giving her strength to encourage, teach and help her Rwanda friends while providing them with exposure to Judaism and the Bible.

Category: Diaspora
Issue No. 154

Would you leave your native country with a family of eight to come to Israel because home birthing was still allowed? Follow just such a family from Ireland as they end up in Gush Etzion to give birth to their seventh child.

A birth story: finding freedom near the fields of Boaz
Category: Features Passages
Issue No. 167
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