Honey Stollman

Honey Stollman and her husband Gene came to live in Israel in 1969 going directly to the absorption center in Jerusalem. Jerusalem became their home for 40 years until 2009 when they moved to Ramat Gan to be near their children. Honey held many positions as a volunteer in Hadassah-Israel, worked for several airlines, became a tour guide and very much enjoyed walking through the streets of Jerusalem, new and old, with visitors, many of whom were seeing the city for the first time.

Nineteen members of the ESRA Givatayim/Ramat Gan chapter gathered to enjoy breakfast, to meet new friends and neighbors and raise a few shekels for ESRA

A fun and tasty start to the day – and we raised funds for ESRA
Category: ESRA News
Issue No. 177

Barbara Blum once again gave a fascinating lecture about about the unique nature of the violin, and more about the Master violinist, Isaac Stern

Isaac Stern – and the hair from a horse’s tail in Mongolia
Category: Arts
Issue No. 174

Dramatic behavioral changes, confusion, strange remarks out of context and imagining things, could be signs of suffering from a brain tumor. Immediate action needs to be taken, as brain tumors can grow quickly. Honey Stollman gives us a compelling account of what happened to her husband.

Telltale Signs of a Brain Tumor
Category: Health
Issue No. 162
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