Ilan Shachar

Ilan Shachar, born in UK, BSc (Univ. of London), BA and MA (Tel Aviv Univ.), was employed by the Israeli

Prime Minister’s Office until 1997. He is currently managing archeological excavations and is a member of

the editorial board of Israel Numismatic Research. He has had articles published in Palestine Exploration

Quarterly, Mediterranean Historical Review, and Israel Numismatic Research.

If we lose our humanity we lose everything. The inspiring story of a mixed group of Arabs and Jews donating blood to their, enemies to show their empathy and abhorrence of the violence.

Blood lines
Category: Features
Issue No. 142

Every parent worries about their children at each stage of their lives and here in Israel we have the added anxiety of the Israel Defense Force. Ilan Shahar feels that being in the army is safer than being at school or travelling the world. In the army youngsters are not only well protected but they also learn skills to help them become responsible adults.

Parental fears and the IDF
Category: Israel
Issue No. 143

The author discusses the different connotations of a country turning 60 as opposed to a person’s 60th birthday.

Thoughts at 60
Category: Israel
Issue No. 144

Every Friday late afternoon in the summer the public can enjoy a wonderful pre sunset musical interlude at Apollonia Park in Herzliya.Tickets and directions obtainable on the web.

Sunset Serenades
Category: Arts
Issue No. 145

Mini golf is not new to Israel but iPutt is putting a new face on it. Mini golf parks with Biblical themes, and where the whole family can be entertained, are planned by an enterprising South African duo. The first one will be in Raanana and the plan is then to go nationwide.

Category: Sports
Issue No. 146

A fictional financial nightmare is imaginatively created by Ilan Shachar who takes us on a grim fairy-tale journey to Saudi Arabia where it’s all part of a well-crafted plot conceived to destroy the West. Fictional? Read and decide for yourself.

Just imagination…
Category: Business/Law
Issue No. 147

How do we teach Israelis to be safe drivers? Ilan Shachar suggests that from an early age every pupil should learn about citizenship with the major emphasis on road safety. He also thinks that penalties for driving offences should be very much greater.

Category: Environment
Issue No. 148

Ilan Shachar has a theory as to why Israeli’s are so noisy – but are we really any noisier than other nations? Why does a peaceful holiday weekend have to be disturbed by loud mouthed strangers, or why do we have to tolerate loud music late at night?

Category: Environment
Issue No. 149

Why worry about things that we have no control over and cannot change? Ilan Shachar – a regular contributor to our columns has some interesting ideas giving us food for thought.

Dont worry, be happy…
Category: Health
Issue No. 150

Practical ideas for saving money and water in the present drought stricken country by using waste water from domestic sources for watering the garden.

Category: Environment
Issue No. 152
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