Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell made aliyah from Cardiff, Wales to Raanana in 1978, together with her husband and three children. Jennifer is a pharmacist and holds a masters degree in pharmacology from the Medical School, Tel Aviv University. She still works as a pharmacist and volunteers in ESRA, having first joined ESRA in 1980.Together with Linda Epstein, Jennifer runs a monthly coffee afternoon for new olim to meet and socialize together.

Meeting monthly in private homes in Raanana, Linda and Jennifer have created a very successful social group mainly for new immigrants. With a speaker, an ESRA representative, light refreshments and introductions all round new visitors soon become an enthusiastic part of this self help group.

Coffee Group for Immigrants enters 5th year
Category: ESRA News
Issue No. 161

With the holidays behind us, the first of the monthly ESRA olim coffee afternoons took place on Wednesday November 4 at a private home in Raanana. It was well attended by new immigrants as well as veteran ESRA members

Category: Community
Issue No. 153

Report on the positive address made by MK Isaac (Buji) Herzog in January when he was a guest speaker for ESRA.  The challenges that Israel faces were discussed and included a lively questions and answers session resulting in a huge audience response. Mr. Herzog believes that ' Peace with the Palestinians is feasible and now is the time to be proactive and aim for an agreement.'

Now is the time to be proactive on peace
Category: Israel
Issue No. 174

The necessity of checking the levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ in ones blood is clearly explained. One may need to take supplements on doctors advice but can also easily overdose, with adverse effects.

VITAMIN D - the sunshine vitamin
Category: Health
Issue No. 162
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