Joseph (Josie) Shlain

Joseph Shlain, a certified public accountant, insurance agent and real estate agent, was born in Israel, and from age three grew up in South Africa. From and early age he was involved in Zionist activities: Habonim, Zionist Socialist Party, and in 1945 founded the Dror Youth Movement in South Africa. In 1948 he returned to Israel as a Mahal volunteer. At the end of the war, was active in the creation of the Hachshara Center, Beth-Chever, and in 1951 was a founder member of the Moshav Shitufi, Kfar Daniel. He was a shaliach of Dror in South Africa. In 1961 Joseph was appointed head of the department for immigrants of the Western Countries, in The Jewish Agency. Amongst other functions he created the Small Business Center. Later he founded a private business the major activity was the creation and development of business enterprises. He also owned in partnership an Insurance Agency and managed a Lease Back Company. He was as also founder and CEO of the Direct Sales Committee. His past volunteer activities in Israel included being an honorary Judge of The Labor Court, treasurer of Israel - South Africa Chamber of Commerce; and various positions in the South African Zionist Federation and since 1984 in ESRA.

Joseph Shlain talks about his journey and first days in Israel in 1948. He came as a young man from South Africa to support the Israeli Army during the War of Independence.

ON MY WAY 1948
Category: Israel
Issue No. 145
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