Judith Nusbaum

Judith Nussbaum has a B.A degree with English as her major (Rutgers University, New Jersey), a guide licensing certificate (Israel Ministry of Tourism) and has studied courses on international relations at the Hebrew University. She is currently employed as a fundraiser at the Rishon College of Management and Academic Studies and is co-director of the Jerusalem Liaison office of the Unity Coalition for Israel-U.S.A. She works as a volunteer at HODS, Halachic Organ Donor Society and ADI Organ Transplant Unit of the Ministry of Health.

After four years of medication and then dialysis, Judith Nussbaum decided to search for a kidney donor. She found a living donor and now leads an active life again. She volunteers for ADI - The Israel Organ Donor Organization - and urges people to register with them.

Save One Life, Save A World
Category: Health
Issue No. 148
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