Judith Usiskin

Judith came originally from Manchester but lived in London for many years. Her professional experience in both cities has been in the field of teaching, youth and community work and social work and she holds the relevant qualifications for these. Judy was a trainer for social workers and other professionals for many years and when taking early retirement from her last professional post developed a partnership providing management consultancy and training for companies in general and for the voluntary care sector in particular. Judy has written and published training materials the most recent of which is about working with the Disability Discrimination Act. She was one of the small group of working women who,as volunteers, set up Jewish Women’s Aid in the UK as a national organisation. It was formed in response to the needs of Jewish women who experienced domestic abuse and has now eveloped into a national charity supported by public funding and by charitable donations and employs professional staff and many volunteers. It provides a shelter and support services as well as running outreach and training programmes . As the first chairperson and proud now to be the President of JWA. Previously she was also involved in the development and launch of the Jewish Aids Trust as a charity and was until a trustee of that organisation. Judy was married to the same (lovely) man for 40 years, have three grown up daughters and five lovely grandchildren. He died in May 2000. In December 2003 she remarried another lovely man and as a result they live half the year in Israel and half in London. She is fortunate to still be involved in a voluntary capacity as a consultant and trainer to voluntary organisations in both countries

An inspiring report of the training of bereavement counselors and the positive effect on the trainees of this course which has resulted in another very valuable free ESRA service to English speakers in facing loss in their lives.

The Bereavement & Loss Program
Category: ESRA News
Issue No. 148

In this article Judith Usiskin answers the following questions about conseling: "What is it? Who benefits? How to find it? What the ESRA service offers?"

Category: Health
Issue No. 175

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Feel depressed or anxious or wonder why your state of mind is not too good? Or may be you are getting over a sad loss and do not even realise that depression has set in. ESRA has a group of volunteer counsellors who are trained to offer support, working in groups it has been found that this kind of therapy can be very effective.

Category: Health
Issue No. 160
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