Katherine (Kaila) Shabat

Kaila Shabat, nee Katherine Rubin was born in London in 1947, and later studied languages in Europe. She arrived in Israel in 1967 as a volunteer after the Six-Day War. Her first book of poetry, ‘Back from Beyond,’ was published in 2008. Many of her poems, articles and short stories have been published in anthologies in Israel and abroad. In 2011, she expressed her vision for a better world, in a chapbook, entitled ‘Venus Empowered.’ For the last ten years she has been working on a chronicle, which she intends to publish as a series of books. Her greatest joy is to sing and record inspirational songs. She and her husband Amatzia live in a suburb of Tel Aviv, and have two grown children.

A poem describing the total destruction by Hamas rockets of a home in central Israel. Kaila Shabat depicts the despair of the family when they find that all their worldly possessions, all their memories and treasures, have been reduced to rubble.

Above the crater
Category: Israel
Issue No. 176

Katherine Shabbat describes how her peace on a winter's afternoon was disturbed by unexpected visits from from a cat and a bird in her living room!

Category: Features
Issue No. 158

It was Holocaust survivor Riva Reich’s belief in Katherine Shabat’s ability to write that resulted in the poem “The Survivor From Stolpci”, Riva’s biography and acted as a catalyst in the development of Katherine’s prolific writing of poetry and prose.

Category: Passages
Issue No. 155

Katherine Shabat shares with us her appreciation and identification with the enlightened Progressive Judaism congregation she has joined and which she is dedicated to promoting.

Category: Jewish Scene
Issue No. 163
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