Laurie Bisberg-Primes

Laurie Bisberg-Primes was born in the States and raised in Simsbury, Connecticut. She came to live in Israel in 1972 and received her MA in Russian Literature from Hebrew University. After retiring from a long career in real estate, she began to invest time in writing. Married with one grown son, Laurie has lived in Haifa for the last 35 years

Does Laurie Bisberg Primes see a similarity between her father and her son? Her son has just run his first triathlon in Israel – all the training and the race itself were very exhausting but rewarding. Her father, now living alone in the USA, has always been an athlete and adventurer, a sailor, cyclist and survivor of many mishaps. He recently drove himself across the States.

Going The Distance
Category: Features
Issue No. 163

Wry story of the writer's plans, and life long journey, to her own birthday party and how patience is a virtue that each and every one of us needs to cultivate.

driving to 60
Category: Passages
Issue No. 141
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