Lenore Hahn

Lenore Hahn was born and bred in America. She has a B.A. and M.A. degrees from Hunter College in New York, as well as a certificate in Administration and Supervision. She taught Spanish in Spring Valley High School in New York State and became chairperson of the Foreign Language Department. Other languages that were taught there included French, Italian, Latin and English as a Second Language and all were under Lenore’s supervision. In 2006 she and her husband Herb made aliyah to Israel from the U.S. They spend more than six months in Israel and the remaining months in Fort Lee, New Jersey. When in Israel Lenore does volunteer work and participates in many ESRA activities.

HydroChic is a company that makes modest swim and sportswear. It was set up in 2007 by Danielle Teutsch and Sara Wolf, two creative ladies who had been in the fashion business. Made of special fabric, well fitted and comfortable it is aimed at the orthodox community but appeals to many for its fashionable design and sun protection factor. Much of its produce is exported but it can be found at special outlets in Israel.

Category: Consumerism
Issue No. 159

Learning Hebrew as an adult can be intimidating. However, Leonore Hahn found a solution which helped overcome her trepidation - Pimsleur Foreign Language Approach in CD’s. She shares her experience in Hassling with Hebrew.

Hassling with Hebrew
Category: Education
Issue No. 163
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