Louise Leger

Louise Leger was born (1937) and educated in Milford, Massachusetts. During high school she worked part time in a gift store and in-between study, cheerleading and dancing. She has a B.A. in elementary education (Framingham State College) and an M.A. for reading and language arts (Boston University). Prior to university, she worked in mechanical drafting for a company that made abrasive industrial wheels, and a ceramic tile company doing architectural drafting. From 1958-1966 she was in the convent of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy, a community that was founded in Savona, Italy with convents and schools in the USA and in South America. This is where she first began to teach. After her graduate education, she worked as a teacher for 30 years in Sudbury, Massachusetts. In 1985-1986, on a sabbatical, she taught at the American International School in Israel. Since her retirement in 2000, she takes adult classes, attends symphony, live theater, travels extensively in the USA and abroad, spends time with family and friends, writes and loves the beach.

On a flight to the USA in 1984, Louise Leger sat next to a most interesting young man who told her about the scientific research he was doing. How excited she was when in October 2011 she read that he, Dan Shechtman, had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his discovery of the quasicrystal

February 1985:  A chance meeting...with Nobel Prize Recipient Dan Shechtman
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