Michael Adler

Michael Adler is a retired Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialised in spinal surgery. His interests now include technology and he has been running a travel group for the last five years. He likes playing bridge and reading, and his hobbies include building clocks and robots and painting.

Michael Alder witnessed a spectacular re-enactment of the Light Horse Charge against the Turkish forces in Beer Sheva in 1917. Led by General Allenby the Anzac forces with their own horses fought in the campaign that changed the course of history in Palestine.

The Charge of the Light Brigade
Category: Israel
Issue No. 143

The ESRA computer club was not set up to teach basic computing. The lectures were to show a range of programs that a computer is capable of doing. How to work with photos, backing up files, websites and home networks were just some of the topics that were discussed.

Category: ESRA News
Issue No. 146

In fond memory of Michael Adler – a brilliant man and initiator of significant educational projects in Israel and in South America. He also founded and organized the ESRA Colleges and the ESRA Travel Club.

Michael Goldway 1917 – 2012
Category: People
Issue No. 167

Michael Adler writes of the interesting history of the successful travel group that he established in 2005 and of its development over the years into a learning experience and social adventure to places of interest in Israel.

The Technology Travel Group
Category: Travel
Issue No. 162

Understanding the war in Bosnia. What did it take to end the war? Could the process of ending the war be applied to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? And are there other parallels to be learnt for Israel?

Category: Diaspora
Issue No. 166

Introducing the electric car, being produced at Better Place in Israel for our local use. A new world of technology and progress comes with this vehicle propelled by an interchangeable or rechargeable battery. A new, quiet motor car with few evil emissions.

Category: Environment
Issue No. 157
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