Michele Katz

Michèle Katz was born in Lyon, France in 1943. At the end of World War II, her family moved to Brussels, Belgium where she took a business course and specialized in Law and worked in a law firm involved dealing mainly with legal administration and court representation. On her first visit to Israel in 1963, Michèle met her future husband Rubin, who lived in London. She helped him to develop a successful textile manufacturing business which exported all over Europe and also to Hamashbir in Israel. When in London Michèle is an active supporter of Israel's cause. She is constantly writing to newspapers and taking part in pro-Israel demonstrations. Michèle volunteers at Sar-el and hopes to be able to continue for many more years. Michèle and her husband look forward to living in Israel when their grandchildren in London are a little older, but in the meantime, they spend three to four months a year in in Herzliya Pituach and enjoy the best of both worlds.


by Michele Katz

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