Mike Finestone

Mike Finestone was an Optometrist and Hearing Aid Practitioner. He was born in 1930, in Southport, U.K. and educated at Croxton Preparatory School and King George V, Southport, Kirkham Grammar School, and Manchester College of Science and Technology. He and his late wife and children came to live in Israel in 1970. In 2003 he married Judy Usiskin and after that they spent the summers in London and winters in Raanana. For years he volunteered in ESRA’s 2nd Hand Shop in Raanana, collecting items in his car from the donors.

Mike Finestone passed away on April 8, 2013

Twelfth generation British man receives a Chanukiah in 1967 as the only person family members believed would actually use the keepsake. Read the family history of this memento and how it passed to his possession.

My Chanukiah
Category: Jewish Scene
Issue No. 167

Recalling incidents of humor and interest over the years of being a shlepper for Motti and the 2nd hand ESRA shops that he started, allows the writer to pay tribute to Motti’s memory.

Category: People
Issue No. 160
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