Netta Kaplan

Netta Kaplan was born in the United States in 1929, the year of the great depression. The main effect this had on her life was that she reportedly smiled at people and helped de-depress them. Married in 1951 after finishing her first degree in chemistry at Antioch College, Netta and Marvin built their family of four children in the American mid-west. In 1963, Netta returned to school, shifting professionally to Communication Disorders and received her doctorate from Wayne State University in .Detroit, Michigan. Following their move to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She worked in communication disorders heading a hospital department in Windsor and. decided to broaden her clinical approach. In 1976 she did post-doctoral work in Gestalt Therapy at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Ohio. Netta and Marvin worked together for several years using Gestalt as a basis for their work with families, individuals and groups. Part of their work has included training other professionals here and abroad. Currently, although Netta continues to do some private work, in “retirement” she has found time to enjoy hobbies such as fiddling in the Sharon Orchestra, organizing children’s concerts, occasionally painting, writing, photographing and traveling. Aside from that, Netta swims almost daily and participates in different exercise groups. To say the least, Netta and Marvin have not regretted their choice to halt their creeping aliyah and truly be here. It started in 1976 when they came to Israel for a sabbatical year. Since then, until 1990, they made what they have termed “creeping” aliyah. That is, they came summers and for another sabbatical in 1984. At that time they realized that they wanted to come permanently and bought the house in Nof Yam. In 1991, they finally left Canada where they had lived for a number of years to become permanent residents of Israel. Despite the distance between here and their three sons in North America, they are able to maintain a close connection and enjoy knowing them and their other grandchildren especially during summer visits. They also have a daughter who lives in Modiin.


by Netta Kaplan

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