Sam Sinclair

Sam Sinclair lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a retired bookmaker but his first love was always writing. As a teenager in the sixties he worked as a reporter for the Jewish Times of Glasgow which became Israel Today in 1967 when the war broke out. He spent many years in London but has retired to rediscover his roots back in Glasgow. His writing consists of no more than the odd article, letters to editors and anonymous forum postings these days but he still dreams of writing the Great British Novel...he is currently still working on its title. His interests are gambling, music, films and particularly books. He identifies with Philip Roth`s angst and another American hero is Larry David the Curb Your Enthusiasm genius. You will now understand what his long suffering wife Sue has to contend with on a daily basis. Sam is delighted to be invited to contribute to ESRA MAGAZINE.

It is ten years since Alan Benson passed away from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and this article is in his memory and a tribute to his parents, Harvey and Marilyn, who came to Israel from Scotland to give him more years to live. They believe that the Israeli climate gave Alan many extra years to live

Category: People
Issue No. 161
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