Sharon Bacher

As I move closer to retirement, the question of who I am becomes complicated and I am no longer certain of the answer. Within a few months I will retire from Beit Issie Shapiro where I have worked for 22 years. After defining myself for so long as a social worker, family therapist, information and fundraising communications writer, I am challenged to re-create myself. I made aliyah in 1986 with my husband, Matanya (who passed away in 2001) and daughter, Debbie. Since I’ve always been a little split in my talents and interests, I’ve enjoyed creative writing on the one hand and therapeutic work on the other and was fortunate to find outlets for both during my working career. I love working with groups and have led many women’s empowerment and study groups, which have been a source of interest and of friendship –most of my best friendships grew out of these groups. I have been a volunteer for Esra as a counselor, trainer of befrienders, and writer and I’m always grateful to you for publishing my short pieces in the Esra magazine. I tend to write creative non-fiction and like to make people think, feel and laugh. Recent stories published by Ezra include: Sing Therapy, Israel Today and Point of View, all of which can also be read on my blog at: My published works include: A Book of Life for an Adopted Child (Howard Timmins, Inc. 1974) and Snoezeling – Controlled Multisensory Stimulation: A Handbook – co-written with Dr. Michele Shapiro and published by Beit Issie Shapiro in 2002. In 2008, I finally took the opportunity to pursue another long-cherished dream - to learn to sing. Today I sing for two choirs: Barberina, an all-woman’s a capella group under the direction of Alex Eshed, and Koleynu, a mixed voice choir directed by Patrick Kelly from the USA. With singing filling up every space in my life my creative writing has taken a back seat but my resolution for when I retire, is to get back to some serious creative scribbling.

A vivid description of a serious swimming session of 40 laps which nearly ends in a mid-pool collision when lanes have to be shared.

A Matter of Perspective
Category: Sports
Issue No. 142

A tongue-in-cheek grumble about the proliferation of unsolicited mail, adverts, and even newspapers.

israel today
Category: Consumerism
Issue No. 143

The festival of freedom – Seder, Hagada, gefilte fish – and terrorists in the Park Hotel, Netanya.

Pesach 2002
Category: Jewish Scene
Issue No. 144

Singing is the ‘feel good’ answer for the blues. Sharon Bacher talks about Sing Therapy, and the Barberina Choir, the ladies’ version of the barbershop quartet that belts out old favorites, the ones you just can’t help but want to sing along.

Sing Therapy
Category: Arts
Issue No. 147

Our society needs to learn how to relate to people with special needs. Theaters, hotels, events and other public places need to have facilities to accommodate people in wheelchairs. Ramps, easily manageable doors and serving tables, are just a few of the basic items mentioned in this article.

Category: Health
Issue No. 149

Cyril Morris (together with friend Bobby Kantor) explains the rugby following in Israel and how it has enriched their lives. It has earned Cyril bronze and silver medals of merit and a Special Gold Medal in recognition of his tremendous contribution to this strong team sport.

Cyril Morris - Israel’s Mr. Rugby!
Category: Sports
Issue No. 141
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