Stephen J. Kramer

Esra’s hike in the Judean Hills started near Abu Gosh and ended by the Kennedy Memorial in the Aminadav Forest outside Jerusalem. Passing through kibbutz Tsuba - the site of an old Arab village the hike included some climbing and walking along a river bed. Many events have taken place in this area – from biblical times to more recent history. Steve Kramer describes the vegetation and natural features, an ancient irrigation system and some present day farming carried out a according to the rules of ancient agriculture.

Judean Mountains
Category: Sports
Issue No. 150

This is not your usual tourist guide but an unusually interesting one that takes the armchair traveller on an historical, archaeological, biblical and cultural tour of Israel in a very individual way. Encountering Isael by Stephen Kramer is reviewed by Rolly King Kohansky.

Category: Israel
Issue No. 156
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