Stuart Palmer

Stuart Palmer is a retired Engineer who made aliya from the UK in 1981 with his wife and 3 children. He spent much of his working life in Israel as the International Marketing Manager for a group of companies in the North of Israel and thus came into contact with many people from many different countries and cultures. Since retiring, he has become the Director of ICAN (International Citizens Action Network) whose organization is actively involved in advocating Israel’s position in the conflict with the Palestinians. The organization is A-political and members cover a broad spectrum of political opinions and religious observance. Stuart is also honorary Chairman of CoHaV (the Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers) , the umbrella organization of over 100 various advocacy groups around the world. Stuart spends much time lecturing to groups and communities in Israel as well as visiting groups of tourists, army volunteers, solidarity missions and others. He is also a Senior Fellow at Bar Ilan University in the faculty of International Communications He has appeared on Sky News during the Lebanon war in 2006 and has done TV, radio and press interviews during his lectures tours in the UK in the last three years. He has also published a book “A War or Not A War” based on his families experiences during the Second Lebanon War.

Melanie Philips on a recent visit to Israel clearly described the successful propaganda war of misinformation that finds Israel fighting the rampant campaign of deligitimization. Here we read of Ican and Cohav, volunteer organizations, fighting to regain the moral high ground from our enemies.

THE BATTLE OF HEARTS & MINDS-Over 100 volunteer propaganda groups around the world work hard to help balance and fight the deligitimization of Israel
Category: Israel
Issue No. 160
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