Walter Teutsch

Walter Teutsch was born in Germany in 1929, went to the United Kingdom in 1939 on kindertransport, and has been in Israel since 1953. After a career in financial management and internal auditing in large Israeli companies, he became active on retirement in a number of voluntary organizations and took up long-distance running. In 2008, he fell when running competitively and since been confined to a wheelchair as a quasi-tetraplegic.

Walter Teutsch describes in vivid details three occasions in his life when he was involved with "big money" transactions

Big Money
Category: Business/Law
Issue No. 170

Taking part in a marathon Walter Teutsch fell and now sees life from his wheel chair – he wrote this article using a voice dictation facility. He sees himself as handicapped and has a caregiver – he sees all the modern terminology as quite unnecessary and does not feel the need to be “politically” correct.

Category: Health
Issue No. 160
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