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That’s the provocative query posed to participants in a mind-opening, goal-directed workshop led by Eve Black. The workshop, “Success Teams Israel”, is made up of a small group of six people who meet weekly for eight consecutive weeks to help them recognize and pursue the goals they want to reach. Subsequently, a plan of action is individually designed to propel each person toward achieving that goal, with the group providing encouragement, support and structure all through the process.

Black, an experienced coach/facilitator, says this program is ideally suited for those near or in retirement who wish to change lifestyle directions or establish a new career; for new immigrants whose skills or professions are not quite suitable for their new country or who want to use their talents in a different way; and for anyone who has a desire to do "something else”, but is not quite sure what that is or how to do it.

Success Teams was created in 1972 by Barbara Sher, an American anthropologist, career counselor and best-selling author who has been dubbed the "godmother of life coaching". The idea behind the program, which is now in operation in 30 countries around the world, is to have small groups dedicate their efforts to helping one another discover, identify and achieve their goals, guided by an experienced life-coach.

Many of the participants in Success Teams have had successful professions or careers and now find themselves unfulfilled, searching for that elusive area of activity to enhance their creativity and enrich their lives.

Black says that at some stage in their lives, many people find themselves looking for new challenges. They want to explore other options but have difficulty deciding which course of action to take or even how to define their goals.

"Success Teams Israel starts with the premise that all participants are resourceful, whole, creative and able to achieve success, with the team ready to help each participant reach his or her goal and offer unstinting support all along the way to success," says Ms. Black. “The team members function on behalf of the individual, using their knowledge and applying their life experiences and skills, and everyone benefits.”

According to Ms. Black , some people are unhappily frozen into situations or jobs and want to do something more demanding or exciting, but the fear of failure or inability to get out of a paralyzing rut acts as a barrier. That barrier is usually created when family, friends or colleagues make comments such as: "Stop dreaming", "It’s too risky wanting to embark on a new career at your age", "Leave well enough alone", "What about your day job?" and other discouraging remarks that can prevent anyone from focusing on expanding his or her horizons.

“There are those who feel that a person considering changing careers, jobs or professions is akin to being a dilettante, a description that is often associated with superficiality and self indulgence," Ms. Black says. "While in fact, the quest for new fields of endeavor is consistent with those who are curious, talented and require intellectual stimulation and are determined to prevail until they achieve their objective."

Eve Black herself has made several successful career changes since immigrating to Israel from San Francisco in 1971 with her husband and two children. She is a marine archeologist and has held administrative and managerial positions in archeological and performing arts organizations

She claims that the primary dilemma facing people who want to affect a breakthrough is the “how”. And, according to her, Success Teams Israel zeros in on this and provides the answer.   


Rolly King Kohansky, formerly of Canada, has worked as a Radio, TV, and Print Copywriter for high profile clients.


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Felicia Seaton
Well written piece that gives us hope to be able to shake things up at any age in any situation. Nice to know that such support is available.

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Rolly King Kohansky was born and educated in Montreal, Canada. She worked as a Radio, TV, and Print Copywriter for a number of high profile clients. She came to live in Israel in 1969 where she contin...

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