A human bridge that unites two countries 

Backed by a wonderful family in Sri Lanka, congenial caregiver Grace is employed by my husband Paul and myself in Haifa.

After a short period of employment, we encouraged Grace to visit Sri Lanka to be with her family whom she had not seen for quite a while. When she returned to Israel in order to help her family with financial support, we asked ourselves if this existence, going back and forth, was what the future held in store for her.

Grace, a very intelligent young woman, expressed great interest in cosmetology. An excellent cosmetology school sponsored by WIZO had great appeal for her.

Confident that we are deeply committed to her future growth, Grace has started her studies. She can envision practicing professional cosmetology in Sri Lanka, with three specific goals in harmony: she will be in her own country with her family and particularly with her son, help them financially and work in a profession which is to  her liking.

When, after cosmetic treatment, Grace's future clients in Sri Lanka see themselves in the mirror, they will look at her study certificate from Israel and smile.

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