Dr Bernard Hurwitz with a coatimundi around his neck.

Dr. Bernard Hurwitz, a well known veterinarian, accompanied by exotic animals, gave the Kfar Saba-Hod Hasharon chapter a wonderful morning.

He spoke about animal personalities that have touched his life, ecology and the loss of some species, among other very interesting subjects.

Then he brought out a large racoon that he had raised and he and Lillian Unger, who was in the audience, held the racoon who was so loving like a baby. Next came a coatimundi, a small adorable South American animal from the racoon family. We all got a little frightened as he then held a boa constrictor around his neck. No one from the audience volunteered to help him with that one! Lastly came an adorable dwarf goat who had been born with a splayfoot that Dr. Hurwitz had operated on and then bottle fed. The very small goat now thinks that Dr. Hurwitz is his mother and he follows him around like a little puppy dog. The animals showed such love for the vet and he returned that love.

The ESRA Kfar Saba-Hod Hasharon chapter meets the second Sunday of the month at 10am. For info please call Jean at 09 766 9223.

Dr Hurwitz has his veterinarian clinic at Moshav Yanuv, Tel. 052 663 6646


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