At the entertainment ... Irene Myron (left) with Barbara Blum

ESRA’s very own charismatic Barbara Blum invited us to join an after-dinner entertainment with the fictional Victorian family of Dr and Mrs FitzGerald who were celebrating their silver wedding. Each family member – the spinster aunt, the married daughter, the student daughter and her boyfriend, the brother home from Harrow and named for the uncle killed in the Crimean war, the terrible twins and the baby Henrietta – recited a poem or played a piano piece until it was time to put Henrietta to sleep with Brahms lullaby. Barbara played Beethoven for the father, a Schubert love song for mother and so on. The evening was an absolute joy. Thanks to Barbara for the effort and research she put into finding the right music or poem for each character. We also honored and thanked Irene Myron who retired from our committee after many years of being a valued and hard-working member. We’ll miss her.

Bess Hoffman, Co-chair ESRA Herzliya  

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