I wish to compliment you on the editing and publishing of such a high quality magazine. Knowing a little about publishing under myriad pressures and within tight schedules I can certainly appreciate the tremendous efforts you and your dedicated volunteer staff make - time and time again.

Denis Shifrin




As we prepare for the fourth annual community walk in aid of "HaBayit shel Benji", the home for lone soldiers to be built in Raanana in memory of our son Benji, we felt it appropriate to write to you in order to express our thanks for all the help ESRA members have given the project thus far.

When we started some three and a half years ago, the whole idea seemed no more than a dream which we hoped would materialize. We could not at that time visualize getting so close to actually being able to build the home. However, with the amazing support we have received from so many good people all over the world, ESRA members included, we have arrived at a position from which we are almost ready to begin building. "Almost" being the key word of the moment; we are almost there, we just need one more big push from everyone and we will be there!

There is no better time than now, when large sections of the community are getting focused on the annual walk, to approach friends and acquaintances who may not have heard about the project, explain to them its importance as a national effort to help our wonderful lone soldiers, and to enlist their support.

Living in the English-speaking community in Raanana, it is difficult to believe that there are literally thousands of people out there who are totally unaware of what we are doing, and a word to them at the right moment could make all the difference.

Please don't treat this as another appeal for a good cause; this is a project of national relevance which will enable us to repay some of our debt to all those marvelous young people who come here and volunteer to help defend our country. We mustn’t let them down; let's show them how much we appreciate their efforts.

Thanks again,

Judy and Danny Hillman


Editor’s note: HaBayit shel Benji will be built in HaPrachim Street, Raanana in memory of Benji Hillman who was killed in action in Lebanon in July 2006. The fourth annual community walk in aid of the project will take place on Friday, April 30, starting from the amphitheater car park, Raanana Park at 08.30. For more details, or to pre-register, contact Ruth Rurka 050 904 3040  rurka@zahav.net.il



I’ve just received the latest ESRA Magazine.  It felt as though I was back in Israel - so much was familiar.  Reading about Val Kantor's and Hertzel Katz's awards, the article by Debbie Morgenstern, who is a dear friend, and an article by Motti Zaslow...  The graphics are great, the layout seems to get the right balance between ESRA news/events and other articles, and for a person living outside of Israel, the magazine gives a wonderful impression of the vibrancy of the organization.  The magazine has gone from strength to strength and my compliments to you and your editorial board for a job well done. 

Joanne Rosen Grozovski

Perth, Australia



Thank you for publishing my article in ESRA Magazine 153. There was just one mistake in the date of when the Committee of Concerned Citizens was formed. It was in 1978. The late Chaim Herzog had recently returned from the UN and became the moving force in the organization until his election to the Presidency.

The magazine was extremely interesting and I am sharing it with the younger members of the family as they too are connected to some of the people and issues which you have touched upon.

Keep up the good work.

Zelda Harris

Tel Aviv



Another word of praise is due for the professionally produced upmarket publication that the ESRA Magazine has become. I enjoy picking it up to read it.

Particularly in this last issue #153, were two good and interesting contributions, namely from Ilan Hirschowitz with regard to his family photographic safari and another about moving house by Rolly King Kohansky. Not being a photographic boffin myself I can nevertheless vouch for the fact (having heard Ilan speak at an ESRA club meeting and having seen his excellent video) that he is a very quiet and very astute young man who has a deep interest in his hobby and is able to produce quite excellent material. Kol hakavod to Ilan and to his son Adi who, carrying on the family tradition, seems at barmitzvah age, to have easily integrated into his father's and grandfather's passion. The article was well written and easily readable by those not acquainted with the rudiments of photographic technique.

So was the Kohansky one about moving.  I really felt for this lady. Although not having been through it all yet, she succeeded in voicing my own trepidation at this quite traumatic situation we have to face. Thank you, Rolly, for advice and humor.

The more I read into ESRA the prouder I become at the talents inherent in our English speaking population. We really have put ourselves onto the map of Israel.

June Levy




Please allow me to thank you Wendy Goldstein and all of your wonderful co- knitters at the ESRA Raanana Knitting Club, for the opportunity to spread so much goodwill and love through your gorgeous knitwear.

I spent quite some time looking for just the right places that would benefit from your gifts and divided up the knitwear between several needy populations.

Firstly, the children of the Avraham Kurser Kindergarten for children with special needs in Safed benefited from the lovely selection of warm sweaters and ponchos. Several groups of the new immigrants recently arrived in the Karmiel Absorption Center were in need of warm clothes for their children and finally we gave knitwear to the Karmiel Family Treatment Center. The family treatment center deals with women or children who have suffered abuse or trauma and does outstanding work with this sad and needy population. The center would be very happy to receive more of your beautiful handicrafts. 

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play the good angel on your behalf.

With warm thanks and appreciation of your efforts and goodwill,

Tammy Kenton

Women's Health Center, Karmiel



Please convey our sincere thanks to ESRA Caesarea - Zichron Ya'akov for their generous donation of an electronic dictionary and books for our needy students. They are truly appreciated and will make a big difference.

I would also like to thank our wonderful ESRA volunteers who continue to make such an impact upon our students' lives.

Rosalind Jacobs

Ulpanit School, Or Akiva



Rolly Kohansky wrote a most interesting article in the last issue of your magazine. I became a resident here just a few weeks before her and can really empathize with most of the trials and tribulations she spoke about.

The move for me was much easier as my late mother was one of the first residents here and I knew then that when the time came to make such a decision I would follow in her footsteps. By the way, I am the first "second generation" resident, and am so pleased to be here.

I would like to take this opportunity to suggest to anyone who is thinking about moving to a

retirement home, to make the decision while they are still independent. They will then have the time to plan the move, to decide what to take and what to get rid of.

These places have so much to offer, especially the sense of security and all the activities that are offered for those who wish to take part. I certainly have retained my privacy and do not at any stage feel that I am living in an institution. I am living in a five star block of apartments.

Gina Eting





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