Quite Contrary - a disservice

I have a tendency to high cholesterol and I have type 2 diabetes.  I take pills to control these two health problems. 

I read the above article (ESRA Magazine #159, p.168) and was pleased to understand that I can eat butter and cream without affecting my cholesterol intake, and eating sweets could be beneficial for the job my pancreas does - and I can stop taking the pills.

I returned to the article to read it again and saw that it was not written by a doctor but by a layman who got his information by reading "medical journals" and/or the "internet" (his words).

I would suggest that you did a disservice in publishing this article.  I don't know if the information given by the writer is correct or not but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  In my opinion such information should only be given by a doctor who will explain the pros and cons of such treatment with the background of his professional knowledge.


Yehuda Nygate

Pardess Hanna


Rachelle Egel has passed away

It is with much sorrow that I am announcing the death of Rachelle Egel who, for many years, was Chairperson of the ESRA 45+ social group in the Tel Aviv area.

Rachelle and I were very close personal friends for most of our lives, and anyone who had the privilege of knowing her would remember what a warm, bright and very giving person she was.

She will be sorely missed by family and friends, but after having suffered illnesses for many years, we believe that she is in a better place.

Lynda Schwartz

Netanya (formerly from Ariel)


Photos of S.A. army service in Palestine

My late dad, Abe Friedman, passed away in 2007. I recently received his album of amazing photographs from his service in the South African army during WW2 in Egypt and Italy, including photos of his visit to wartime Palestine.

 I am looking for an appropriate forum to share these photos. I know that there was a documentary made about the hundreds of thousands of Jews who fought the Nazis in various armies.

Any suggestions?

Ben Friedman


Tel: 052 590 1756 


ESRA volunteer tutors now also in Nahariya

"Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results." John Dewey

Dear Gill Teicher,

I wanted to let you know that I attended a 'happening' at Harel School in Nahariya on where the ESRA volunteers interviewed the students in preparation for their upcoming oral bagrut. The event was wonderfully organized by the teacher, Mercedes, and the volunteers were just amazing - positive, supportive, interested and interesting.

In short - an absolute pleasure to see and be part of such an event. 

So…many thanks to you for your part in initiating this connection.

Fran Sokel

Inspector for English, Northern region, Jewish sector


Gill Teicher is coordinator of ESRA’s English Tutoring project in schools.



Hearing aids by Audikol 

I saw a large advertisement in ESRA Magazine for free hearing aids by Audikol. Being in need of better aids than my present one as my hearing has worsened, I applied and was given a hearing test. Instead of one new digital aid, I am being given two. I was very pleased to hear that they fit behind the ear with a small connection inside the ear. Because of my further loss of hearing I have to pay a relatively small amount for better aids. I have not yet received them. I am very pleased to have seen the ad in ESRA Magazine. These aids are very expensive and to be given two for free is really quite unexpected.

Perhaps other readers of your magazine # 159 who use hearing aids will be interested.

Once again thanks to ESRA for helpful advertisements.


Hazel Agami

Nof Yam, Herzliyah


More on Marathons

I refer to the article by Aaron Applebaum in magazine No 159 regarding the Tiberias Marathon.

I, an elderly long distance runner, can appreciate his disappointment at not being able to participate, having trained intensively for five months.

Yes, there are those who would have jumped at the excuse offered not to take part, but these are not the true (crazy) long distance runners who, on the way, even remember to smell the flowers as that invisible wall approaches.

Some years ago, having completed my first Tel Aviv half-marathon (at the age of 65) I came across an old Runners magazine containing the following:

A marathon is a race.

Without race.

Without color.

Without religion.

Without sex.

Without prejudice.

Without nationality.

Without hate.

A marathon is a race

where everyone starts

as an equal,

and everyone finishes

as a winner.

I am sure all those "nut cases pounding the asphalt" will wholeheartedly identify with the foregoing.





More tips on saving water

Following the excellent article by Naomi Ariel (ESRA Magazine #159 p.76) about saving water, may I add a few further tips.

I have seen many people using water from the hot tap for a quick rinse.  The water they use is no hotter than that they would get from the cold tap. However, it comes at the cost of depleting any hot water stored in the tank.

If you wish to use hot water of any temperature (hot, warm or tepid) using a mixer tap, always turn the tap to the maximum hot position until the hot water comes through.     The reasoning is: There is, of course, a ‘waiting period’ until hot water arrives.    During that period all the cold water in the pipe between the tank and the tap has to be drawn off.    If you turn the mixer tap to some medium position you will be adding cold water to that being drawn through so you’ll have to wait longer and will be wasting the extra cold water.   Incidentally of course, all this water could be collected and used for some purpose such as watering plants.

Most washing machines take in cold water only which they then heat up using electricity.   If you have a sun heater, arrange a pipe from a nearby hot tap and fill up the machine with hot water from this. The machine can then be set to a low heat and will not need to use electricity to heat the water.  (Our machine has actually been plumbed for this with both hot and cold pipes going into it).

Many times on a hot, muggy, summer evening the car is covered with a layer of dew.     Keep a sponge in the car and use this to wipe over the car – it saves cleaning it.

Toilet cisterns are generally far too big and deliver much more water than is needed for the purpose. Open the lid and insert two plastic bottles filled with water.  The saving will be some 2 liters with every flush.

Finally:  Put a sign on the back of the toilet door with the old adage:

               If it’s brown, flush it down.   

               If it’s yellow, let it mellow.     


Mike Finestone



My birthday gifts – a subscription to ESRA Magazine

I decided that for birthdays I would give a year's subscription to the ESRA Magazine to my friends, as my way of promoting ESRA.

This has proved to be quite successful and has resulted in a great deal of enthusiasm - and one of my friends who resides in Haifa is now interested in having ESRA there as well. I shall be talking to her and intend to rope her in.

There are a couple more birthdays coming up and this will mean a repeat performance of my birthday gifts - a year's subscription to the ESRA Magazine with my blessings and words of encouragement.

I think this is a great way to try and bring in more members.

Flori Cohen 



Students' confidence high, thanks to Modiin volunteers

Over the past few months three dedicated ESRA volunteers here in Modiin have been helping prepare my class of 11th grade students for their oral Bagrut exam. They have been coming once a week and sitting patiently one on one with each student to help them practice their speaking skills and the students' confidence is now sky high.

So thank you to Shoshana, Dorothy and Simi for your patience and hard work - we all really appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Rachel Kaye & Michal Ezer

English teachers, Yeshivat Lapid, Modiin


Thanks so much to ESRA

On behalf of the Modiin Ladies – ESRA group we would like to thank the ESRA National organization for their support and warm welcome!
We are very proud to be a part of this amazing organization and we wish both sides prosperous and successful work together.
The article on us in the magazine #159 was amazing and we received fantastic reports about it.
Thanks you so much.
Cherie Albucher – Chairlady, and the Modiin Ladies-ESRA


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