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Once again we were privileged to be part of a group of people on a trip with ESRA, this time to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  Our organizer on the trip was the charming Lynn Pressman, with whom it is always a pleasure to travel.

On our arrival at the museum we were entertained to tea, coffee and delicious pastries.  We were most fortunate to once again be guided through the museum by Iris Spero who works voluntarily at the museum.  She is so knowledgeable and articulate and her explanations extremely enlightening.

We first visited the spectacular exhibit called "Prophets and Visionaries: Reuven Rubin's Early Years, 1914-23".  There were wonderful paintings by him done during his early years, and later after he had come to Israel.  We learnt a great deal about the artist himself and also about his work.

There was a great display of Israeli photography called "Engagement" by talented Israeli photographers expressing their opinions on recent developments in Israel concerning social, political and security issues.

Another exhibition we enjoyed was called "Eden – East and West: Art in the 19th century".  In the 19th century, people in Europe were curious and also apprehensive about the Middle East and the Land of Israel and many artists and artisans presented works of famous landmarks of the time in many different media.

To round off the visit we were treated to a dance performance called "Sculpture" by two not-so-young but very talented dancers.

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