Bess Hoffman, Co-Chair of ESRA Herzliya, Ambassador Zvi Gabay and Mrs Gabay, hosts Ariella and Charles Zeloof

In April, we were honored to have former Ambassador to Ireland Zvi Gabay come to Herzliya Pituach to the beautiful home of Charles and Ariella Zeloof to speak to us about Jews from Arab lands. 

He told us that despite the fact that Jews, many of whom were very prominent citizens of their countries, with close social ties to the rulers and leaders were, nevertheless, not immune to the hardships, punishments and death imposed on them for being Jewish. They, together with the rest of the Jewish communities, were forced to leave their properties and possessions and find other countries in which to start a new life. In other words, they became refugees, but unrecognized and certainly not aided by the UN. Unlike the Palestinians and their descendants, who after 69 years are still refugees and are still supported and funded by the UN, the Jewish refugees struggled and most made successful lives. They are now trying to bring their past plight to the UN and to the world.

Historically, Jews have lived in these North African and Middle Eastern lands for more than 2000 years, long before Islam became the religion. 

Fifty-three people attended and after the interesting talk enjoyed delicious refreshments and continued to discuss the issues amongst themselves. We thanked our hosts who graciously opened their home to us.

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