Lola & Hertzel Katz
Frieda & Leon Sarnak
Miriam Hoekstra
Maurice Shlomowitz
Kfar Saba
Channa & Joe Goldberg
Poli & Joe Leibowitz
Annette Milliner-Giladi
Joe Frankl
Norma & Michael Altman
Lara Doel
Merle & Jim Shewchuk
Agnes & Eitan Ben David
Naomi Elbaz
Barbara & Norman Emdin
Lilan Gillard
Hannan Gillman
Lisa Howes
Rose Jankelow
Alice Robins
Rita & Norman Rubin
Tel Aviv
Freda & Benny Steingold


On your daughter
Tanya & Noam Cohen
On your grandson
Cherille & Sol Cohen
Nechama & Giora Fried
Cecily & Barry Hack
Keith Levin
Vivienne & Arthur Wolman
On your granddaughter
Pat & Cecil Breiter
Val & Bobby Kantor
Beryl & Joel Klotnick
Riva & Ron Lapid
Marian & Laurie Lebor
Alan & Valda Oken
Joan & Yossi Schnour
Ruth & Francis Wood
On your great–grandchild
Rachel Luck


On your daughter
Yonit & Israel Gurfinkel on Liat
On your grandson
Jean & Wolfie Kangisser


On your son
Jocelyn & Maish Isaacson on Shaun
Herbie Jackson on Yaakov
Jackie & Warren Samuels on Liron
On your grandson
Bobby Luz


On your daughter
Geeta & Shimon Gariby on Hadas
Rena & Richard Stein on Talya
On your granddaughter
Audrey Goodman on Esther
Lilian & David Levy
Deana Whine on Deborah
On your grandson
Beulah Levinsohn
June & Bernard Levy


Barbara & Neil Lyons - 50th 


Sid Cohen - 90th
Marvin Hatchuel - 90th
Yetta Meyerowitz - 91st
Elsie Yudelman - 90th


Ros Israelstam
Abe Jaffe
Monty Kramer

Dave Bloom on your election as Telfed’s new Chairman.
Aron Shaviv on receiving Campaign’s & Elections magazine “Rising Star 2011” award. 


On your husband
Yehudit Braude on Brian
Nili Karabel on Harry
Nesta Lessem on Ernest
Claudia Nowotny on Sjaya
On your father
Gail Bloom on Louis Hellis
Jonathan & Max Polke on Gad
On your mother
Moshe Cohen on Kathy
Marilyn Hilkowitz
Marcelle Kornel on Rose Sher
Mendy Shalit on Chaya

Vivienne Wolman
On your brother
John Kliger on Brian NormanMorton Mandel on Jack
Rubin Zimmerman on Michael
On your sister
Bertha Levin
Becky Marock
Family/Friends of
Rhoda Cooper
Esther Lucas
Juliette Kuritzky
Elsa Schwartz
Ilse Schwarzman







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Evelynne Goldman
It would be nice when new people are welcomed to show where they originate from, eg UK, SA etc. I'm sure this was done some years ago.

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