I am a great believer in Murphy’s Law. If something goes wrong once, well, it will pass, but if something goes wrong twice in one day then surely something will go wrong for a third time. So far this has never failed for me.

However, I also seem to suffer from another jinx. If I keep something I don’t need, whether it be an unusual piece of string or ribbon, a small piece of plastic pipe, some material or an old pair of scissors, I find that if I don’t get rid of it immediately but keep it around for a few years, the day after I finally have the courage to clear it out is when I realize that what I threw out yesterday is exactly what I need today! This is my comment on all those wonderful programs on BBC Prime on “Cash in the Attic” and throwing out all those old unused/unnecessary/unwanted but very much-loved items in “The Life Laundry”.

Only one shekel

What is the value of a shekel? How often when you query a price in a store are you told, “the price only went up by NIS1” or “this make is less than NIS2”. But, when you go shopping at the supermarket you are probably buying 10, 20 or more items and those one shekels start to add up. So I have made a list of the many items that I buy, that at some time throughout the seasons of the year often cost me less than NIS1 or NIS2. Believe it or not!

Per kilogram: onions, cabbages, potatoes, watermelons, beetroot, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. You can make a wonderful meal of 2 kg of these vegetables. Oranges, clementines, small apples, watermelon and other fruits.

Per item: lettuce, semolina, eshel, gil, shamenet, bio yogurt when bought in packages of 8, bread rolls, etc.

And much more if you look around.


Woolite Color Protection Anti-Color Transfer sheets are available at major supermarkets and are usually found near the laundry detergents. Just pop one into a wash load and the colors will fade onto the sheet instead of the clothes. Sometimes the sheets can even be re-used. It is really a remarkably useful product. It comes in small, slim, blue and white boxes that are easy to miss on the shelves. A box of 10 costs approximately NIS14 at Rama, for example. Expensive, well worth it.

Frying Pans

Whilst talking to a friend recently I mentioned that I never remember seeing my mother wash her frying pan, she always wiped it clean with some newspaper or greaseproof paper. To be honest I was laughed at. So imagine my surprise when buying a French original TEFAL frying pan I read the following:

Care Instructions: Before using your pan for the first time, wash and lightly oil inner coating with cooking oil and wipe with kitchen towel or cloth. After each washing recoat the interior with cooking oil!

So it seems that our mothers knew what they were doing even then.

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