“The English Tutor course at Beit Berl was a wonderful experience. It was varied, comprehensive and gave me great tools that I am using today as a private English teacher.” Janet, Class of 2008

“Knowledge and skills gained through the program are ongoing gifts that accompany us through our lives and our tutoring.”  Yvonne, Class of 2010

This year Beit Berl is celebrating 20 years of educating English speakers to become tutors, with a new and improved program designed to meet changing needs in education. Beit Berl is proud to be the initiator of this nationwide course that has hundreds of English speaking graduates from all walks of life (from their 20s to their 70s) throughout the country. The year-long eight-hours-a-week course can change lives: it opens doors to new careers and moneymaking opportunities. Our tutors gain experience while studying as they teach pupils in the school system and on-line. Graduates work either as private tutors, open schools in their homes or teach in private English schools, community centers, hi-tech and businesses. Some have become teachers' assistants or Dovrei Anglit (Native English Speakers) teachers in the public schools, while others go on to receive a teaching degree and license. Many share their desire to give of themselves by joining volunteer programs in schools or community centers where they use their new skills and strategies to help children and adults improve their English.

The course is practical for tutors who want to teach on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.  The program is run by veteran teachers who are also lecturers in the English Department of Beit Berl College.  Study areas include methodology on all levels of proficiency, how to teach literature and grammar, and the best way to prepare pupils for the matriculation exams.  Lessons in remedial teaching are also offered, as well as courses in teaching business English and adult education. Students study assessment methods to enable them to determine levels of competence. This year, with computers becoming a major aide in teaching, a course on using technology as a teaching tool is being given on-line. Subsidies for new immigrants and others are available from the Jewish Agency or Israeli Social Security. 

What our graduates say:

Yvonne Guttmann, Class of 2010

“Even though I hold a bachelor's degree in English Literature and have a lifetime of professional experience in technical communication, the idea of tutoring English aroused in me feelings of self-doubt. I never believed that just knowing English well and using it perfectly meant I could be a good tutor and I wasn't exactly sure why I felt this way. As the program progressed and I learned so much about teaching the language and exactly what the essential subject matter was, I began to understand (and validate) my previous doubts, even as they were disappearing.”

During the program, we learned and developed techniques for assessing student problems in various disciplines (phonics, reading and grammar, for example) and of exploring/setting tutoring goals with our students (or students and parents) of all ages. We learned about creating engaging and relevant lessons for students ranging from struggling beginners to leaders of the high-tech and business communities. The gift of complete, well-organized and well-compartmentalized essential knowledge in phonics, reading techniques, grammar, literature-teaching and test-taking techniques conveyed to us during the course, equipped us to tutor with confidence. Field trips for classroom observation, opportunities for tutoring experience, contact with students of the four year teaching program, participation in English Department lectures and events enriched our toolbox and skill set. Special emphasis on understanding the unique problems, learning environment and expectations from and of Israeli students rounded out the program.

Knowledge and skills gained through the program are ongoing gifts that accompany us through our lives and our tutoring, no less than the ongoing friendship and professional support systems that developed between us, the program students, and between the outstanding, dedicated program staff and ourselves. 

Janet Sack, Class of 2008

"The English Tutor course was a wonderful experience. It was varied, comprehensive and gave me great tools that I am using today as a private English teacher. In addition to learning about teaching English, I learned how to work with Israeli students, what the educational system expects from students and where I fit in as a private teacher. However, the best part was my wonderful classmates. We stay in touch and this provides both a support system and a network that helps me in my work."  

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Fax:    09 747 8740  alizas@beitberl.ac.ildalia.stein@beitberl.ac.il  

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