Dr. Miriam Maisel M.D

Dr. Miriam Maisel M.D. (Boston University, USA, 1992), licensed in UK & Israel, Family Practitioner, with emphasis on nutrition to prevent, improve, & reverse hypertension, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, diabetes, autoimmune disease & more. Hypnosis for a range of medical conditions, including smoking cessation. Lectures beginning later in 2015.

Mobile: 054-594-0346

Address: Mercaz Tnu’ot, Ibn Gvirol 2, Tel Aviv


Massage and Bodywork Therapy. For women only.

Susan Sacks offers gentle bodywork integrating Swedish massage, energywork, craniosacral therapy (CST), and Trager. Specializing in Tragerwork. Some benefits include Pain Relief, Stress Relief and More Energy. Great for seniors, pre and postnatal women, oncology patients, recent injuries or surgeries, and healthy women. Thirty-five years experience in Israel and USA. Haifa.

Telephone: 058-686-4655

Email: Email:

Meditation sessions

Meditation sessions and tools to improve and promote relationships

Telephone: Thalia: 0528-524-523


Physiotherapist – Sara Finn, MSc

Quality rehabilitation IN YOUR HOME specialising in neurological /elderly, rehabilitation, fall prevention, amputees, post-surgical orthopaedic conditions. Hydrotherapy - PRIVATE, HEATED, non-chlorinated pool for neurological and orthopaedic conditions, fall prevention.

Mobile: 054-487-0505

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